Tuesday, February 19, 2013


When we remodeled our upstairs bathroom my husband decided that we needed a jetted-tub, to provide us with its therapeutic benefits, for all of our aches and pains.  As with most additions of this nature I find that we use the tub infrequently, at best, despite what the brochure would lead one to believe. The main reason I don't like to use it is that one must wait until the tub fills to 2 inches above the top of the jets before using it, which happens to take an incredibly long period of time to accomplish.  Based on this reason alone, in the year since the tub was installed I have used it only five times, not counting the occasions, once a month, when one must turn the system on in order to clean it with a combination of dishwasher detergent and bleach.  Dave, who had been the strongest advocate for the tub, had surprisingly, not used the tub even once prior to his first time, last week. (Do not be alarmed though, we have utilized the shower with far greater frequency, so therefore, there is no need to be concerned about our hygiene habits.)
In any case, last evening I was having a hard time falling asleep owing to considerable back and shoulder pain, so I decided that this was one occasion when a whirlpool bath was called for. While waiting for the tub to fill, I passed the time by reading all 1,440 pages of the novel "War and Peace" ...twice, and was about to begin my third rereading when I remembered that I had only been filling the tub with hot water.  I put the book down, and began adding only cold water instead, so I could avoid suffering the same fate as a live lobster when immersed in boiling hot water. Although I attempted to direct the cold water to the back of the tub by hand, the results were not very satisfactory, so I came up with an ingenious idea.   The water had now reached slightly above the jets, so I decided to turn them on for a moment, in order to achieve an even water temperature a little more rapidly.  Much to my horror though, as I turned them on the water began to arc high into the air, with powerful plumes that were comparable in size and majesty only to the fountains that adorn the street-side of the hotels on the Las Vegas strip. After overcoming the momentary paralysis and shock, that I initially experienced as a result of  the water pelting me viciously in the face, I fought my way back to the side of the tub, and blindly struggled, until I was able to find the on/off switch to turn the tub back off. Despite the large amounts of  water dripping from my hair and clothes I ran to the stairs to call down to my husband. I  inquired in a petulant tone, as to what sort of madness had possessed him to adjust the direction of the jets in an upward position?
"Oh." he said calmly.  "I moved those around a little to make it more comfortable.  That didn't happen to me though, so you must not have put enough water into the tub."
The fact that he was probably right did little to improve my disposition, as I began the arduous task of mopping up the water on the floor, counter top and mirrors. To expedite my efforts I turned on the ceiling fan and heater to help dry up the water, and turned on all the extra lighting, so that I could better see what I was doing.  After I had finally finished I stepped into the tub exhausted, and hit the button to start the jets up.  About 30 seconds had passed, when the lights, fan, heater and hot tub suddenly ceased to function, due to the fact that I had overloaded the circuit causing it to trip.  I sat in the dark for a couple of minutes, before I heard Dave's voice calling up to me, from downstairs.
"You tripped the circuit, Amy." he cheerfully informed me.  "Just wait a minute and I will go down in the basement and flip it back."
"No hurry." I answered, as I opened the drain to let the water out and stepped out of the tub. "I think I have relaxed enough for one night."
I put on my pajamas and went to bed, where I instantly fell asleep, when my head hit the pillow.  I guess those hot tubs do have therapeutic value after all...one is so exhausted after using them that you forget all about your aches and pains and fall fast asleep.
Blessings ~ Amycita~