Saturday, November 22, 2014

Talking Turkey With The Littles

Next week, tiny Pilgrims and Native Americans, authentically attired, will gather together with the class next door, to share in the annual "Thanksgiving Feast." They will be partaking of the traditional, preschool version of the meal; turkey lunch meat and gravy, along with mashed potatoes and real butter. The butter, of course, will taste especially good.  The littles will have made it themselves, by vigorously shaking tiny jars of heavy whipping cream and salt, while complaining with equal vigor, about how tired this activity is making their arms. These are the kinds of moments that I give thanks for each Thanksgiving Day...the moments filled with learning and laughter that I am blessed to enjoy on a regular basis.
While I would love to have everyone share this experience with us, we simply don't have the patience to churn that much butter. To make it up to you though, what follows is the next best thing...a glimpse at what my day is like, by looking at the world through the eyes of a four year old.  
The following are the answers I recorded when I asked them... "How to make a Thanksgiving turkey."  Enjoy!!


Friday, November 21, 2014

Remembering Those With An Empty Seat At The Table

This week I, along with so many of my friends, found myself bearing witness to the breathtaking, fragility of life.  We watched together with aching hearts, as a woman we dearly love, very suddenly, found herself needing to say her final goodbyes to her beautiful and beloved, 25 year old daughter.  It is difficult to even contemplate such a loss, or to make sense of any meaning in her death, but, if there is one, I imagine it has to do with appreciating all of life's ordinary moments; those which we have, so generously, been given but that we, so often, fail to take notice of.  
For many of us, our most precious gift in life has been the lives of our children. The privilege of a lifetime of ordinary moments spent with them, and the comforting knowledge that we will go to our graves knowing that many more ordinary moments await them, after we are gone.  For a painful few that is not the case, and I will make special note of that this Thanksgiving, as I give thanks for each chair filled at my dinner table, while remembering with much love, those whose table, this year, will hold an empty seat for the first time. 
Much love to you and yours, Angel...and may you find comfort in the knowledge that Christina will remain in our hearts always. 

Blessings, Amycita