Wednesday, August 15, 2012


While I really enjoyed watching the Summer Olympics this year, viewing it has left me with many questions.  For example, how is it possible for those gymnasts to complete so many twists and flips in succession, when they are performing on the floor mat???  Without propelling one's self off of a trampoline or something, it seems impossible that one could elevate the body high enough to be able to accomplish such amazing feats.  And how do their backs feel when they are finished?  Do they need to borrow my back brace?  Often, I feel the need to put my brace on just from having watched THEM perform.
Then, I was wondering why Ping-Pong was instead called Table Tennis, during the Olympics?  I asked my husband, but that only resulted in a discussion about how the name Ping-Pong was originally coined.  Was it because of the sound of the ball pinging and ponging off the table?  Following that deep discussion I decided that Table Tennis sounded more official, and I will refer to it as such, even when the Olympics are not on.
Next, I wondered why it was ever required that women wear tiny two-piece bathing suits, in order to compete in the Women's Beach Volleyball event?  I know they relaxed that rule this year, but I believe it was required, in years past.  Did the Olympic committee feel that women playing in bikinis would help the players' performances?  Or, perhaps, did they feel, more importantly, that women playing in bikinis would help the ratings performance?  I suspect it was men who decided on that particular requirement, in either case.
Then, I wondered why the men had to wear those ugly swim caps during their events?  I can understand why women wear is because, as any woman knows, if you have long hair and you come up from swimming underwater your hair is very unsightly, as it hangs in front of your face.  The men would not have this problem though, so I was puzzled.  It was Olivia who answered this question.  She said that she thought, that swimmers' ears, sticking out from their heads, could possibly result in their times being slower.  I am satisfied with that answer because some of those swimmers have very large ears, that do, in fact, protrude a bit from their heads.
I also wondered how people, especially the men, can compete in those running races that include jumping over hurdles???  That seems very challenging, and it appears that they are not even looking down to see where the hurdles are as they compete.  It is like the men are doing the splits in mid-air (and I thought it was very hard for men to do the splits, even when not in mid-air) while simultaneously running as fast as they can, and making sure not to look down at the hurdles that they are jumping over.  That one remains a puzzle.
And what about the horses?  Do they like racing around, and jumping over hurdles?  Or, maybe, do they wish they were out in some meadow grazing on some tasty grass instead?
Watching the Games also made me wonder what event that I could participate in?  Could I compete in the Trampoline Event perhaps?  I quickly ruled that out, and a multitude of other events, due to the fact that I have already undergone three spinal fusion surgeries. If I were to re-injure my back the only thing I would end up with is pain of Olympic-sized proportions.
I could probably compete in a running event, but then I remembered it would be necessary for me to run, which I prefer never to do, under any circumstances. All the swimming events are out, too, of course, because wearing one of those ugly swim caps would mess up my hair.  Also, it would be necessary for me to wear a bathing suit and I haven't worn one of those in years, because trying suits on, in order to buy a new one, is too traumatic for me and causes me to sink into a deep depression. Olivia has informed me that there is a site online, which will tell you what event you should compete in....but it requires one to supply their weight and height, so I will not be using that one, anytime soon. I guess I will just watch the Olympics instead, since, even if I had a good back, didn't mind wearing a bathing suit and an ugly swim cap, or didn't mind running, I still would not have the one thing necessary to compete in the Olympics....athletic ability of any kind. ;D


  1. A better question why dont they make those women doing the shot put or throwing the Javelin wear Bikinis ??? lolol
    Anywasys I enjoyed the Olympics but was not impressed with opening & closing shows.

    1. well, i missed both this year....but apparently, i shouldn't worry about it! :D