Sunday, May 13, 2012


In all our lives, though we are blessed with the mothers that we live with, we are also blessed with our "adopted" ones, as well.  These are those women who, aside from our relatives, also play such an important role in "bringing us up" to be the individuals we are today.  They are the neighbors, the mothers of our friends and the teachers who impact us in such a significant way.  My daughters, most especially, have been loved by a great many "second" mothers, and their contribution to all of my daughters' childhoods will always be appreciated.
It may be because of Dave's diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, fifteen years ago this month, that so many women come to mind when I think of all the help I received with raising my girls.  These women treated my daughters as their own, and included them on vacations, outings and family activities throughout all the years, ever since. During those moments, when my life was filled by worries about Dave's health and stays at the hospital, these women stepped in, without ever having to be asked, to fill the role of comforting and reassuring my daughters, when I was unavailable to do so myself.
Some lived miles away and some lived across the backyard, but each was there for my girls...and by virtue of their generosity, was  also there for Dave and me.  They eased our minds, already burdened by other worries, from having to be concerned about the well-being of the girls, when times were hard.
I would be remiss if I failed to mention the men that helped to parent them, as well.  Whether they carved their pumpkins, tossed baseballs with them, or helped them to overcome the terrible job I did teaching them to parallel park, they too, stepped in when times were tough.
So thank you to all of you whose hearts had enough room to love, not only your own children, but a few extras, as well.  You will always hold a cherished place within my heart...and the hearts of my children.  Many blessings to you all...and Happy Mother's Day to all the "other" mothers who have graced our lives.