Monday, December 27, 2010

So I Guess You Were Wondering Why My First Post Was Called Blogging for Car Repairs

In that famous bible for bloggers, "Blogging for Dummies," it is stressed that one should share a mission statement, of sorts, with ones understanding of the purpose for their efforts.  To that end, I will now enlighten you all, with mine.
I want all the vehicles in our driveway to be in working order, at all times.  By that I mean not just driveable; no I want to live large, and have cars with windows in them, as well as doors that do not require anyone to hold them closed, while trying to drive. Some of you may think I jest, but I can assure you that I do not.
Presently, we have one vehicle in our driveway that has been missing the driver's side window for over a year now.  We live in Michigan, so, like most motorists, we are accustomed to having to remove the snow from the exterior of the car before we attempt to drive it.  Unlike other motorists though, in our case we must also remove the snow from the INTERIOR of the car, as well.  Additionally, the pesky sub-zero temps, that we experience in the winter, pose another deterrent to anyone wanting to use this vehicle.  In fact, the only one that uses this car is the neighbor's cat. Apparently, the several feet of snow on the car serves as insulation, not unlike an igloo, so at least the cat is happy and warm.
The other vehicle I would like repaired does have all of its windows, however the driver's side door will not stay closed when you are turning.  It is my husband's work vehicle, but, unfortunately, I have had occasion to drive it lately, much to my dismay.  Despite being forewarned as to the problem with the door I still found myself dumbfounded, when it flew completely open, as I was making a right-hand turn. As soon as my heart resumed its normal rhythm I was able to summon up the strength to shut it again, and then continued on towards my destination repeatedly pulling the door back into the closed position, each time I needed to make a right-hand turn.  The next day, when I was once again compelled to use my husband's car, I noticed that, in addition to the problem with the door, the turn signals no longer worked.  Again, I mentioned my problems to my husband upon my return home, and he informed me that I was mistaken; the turn signal did work... if you manually moved the stick up and down, when turning.  I explained to him, that, if I was already using one hand to hold the door closed while turning and now needed the other hand to manually shift the turn signal up and down, I would be left with no more hands for the actual steering of the vehicle.  He felt I was being too negative.
Unfortunately, I have been forced to drive this vehicle multiple times as of late, and I must confess that I do somehow manage to perform all three functions, while driving.  I do this, because I am afraid that if I do not the driver behind me will be distracted by my door flying open, when I turn unexpectedly due to my broken turn signals, and I will end up getting rear-ended.   So far I have prevailed....but I think you can see why I need to become a world famous blogger, as soon as possible. So this is my mission statement, my purpose; I am blogging for car repairs.


  1. July 9th, 2011-We have gotten rid of the vehicle, that was without a driver's side window. The driveway looks much improved, but I think the cat resents our decision. :D The door to the work vehicle now stays closed....and the turn signals work! I am not world famous yet, but I have decided to give it a few more days. ;D I do have readers in over 18 different countries around the world!! Thanks to all of you who have spent some time with me these last 6 months.

  2. Amy, my first car, a convertible had POWER windows. Well, three out of four. Driver's window quit working. So, I took off the motor and used a shortened broom handle to hold the window up. That of course meant that the inner door panel was somewhere else. In the trunk with the junk, I think, but can't remember. Only bad part was when it got warm and dry out, I would reach in and snag that broom handle. Next came the loud bang as the window dropped to the bottom of the door!!! I'm happy to say I've gotten better at fixing windows and all, in my present, car work just fine.

  3. Amy, I laughed so hard I scared my dog. You still got it sister!

    1. why thank you my delightful friend, carol! your comment made me very happy....i love it when i make people laugh so hard that they scare their dogs!!!! :]