Sunday, January 30, 2011


Since I work in a preschool, I am required to attain a certain number of professional training hours every year, in order to fulfill our licensing requirements. This year, I have opted to log in some of those hours by taking a few online tutorials that our district provides for these purposes . Of these, I found the "Concussion Awareness" tutorial to be particularly helpful, so I have decided to share some of my new found insights regarding concussions, with those of you who read my blog.
First and foremost, a concussion occurs when someone sustains a blow to the head.  If you should witness such an incident, and then, notice that the individual has cartoon birds flying around their head in circles, then you can be certain that they have suffered a concussion.  You MUST then, follow this catchy rule: WHEN IN DOUBT, SIT THEM OUT.
Now that I have given you the basics of concussion awareness I will provide you with two different scenarios in order to evaluate if you fully understand the material I have previously outlined.
First Scenario:  Joe, (not his real name) is a high school football player.  He has just intercepted the ball and has run the full length of the field to score the winning touchdown.  After accomplishing this, he stands in the end zone and taunts the crowd by performing all the dance moves to the song "Do the Hustle".  Enraged, the opposing players and fans, as well as his own, race onto the field and jump on Joe.  When the crowd is cleared the coach goes up to Joe and asks these questions.
"Joe, are you okay?  It appears that you may have received a blow to your head.  Can you count backwards by 13's starting at 100?"
What should Joe's coach do next?
Answer: It all depends on Joe.  If Joe is not able to count backwards by 13's, then he has NOT sustained a concussion.  If, however, Joe does so successfully, then it is obvious that something is seriously wrong with him.  In this case, the coach has no choice but to adhere to the catchy rule, "WHEN IN DOUBT, SIT HIM OUT."
Second Scenario:  Amy, (not her real name) is the mother of a very hard-working daughter, named Olivia. Olivia has been working many extra hours at school editing the yearbook.  To reward her, Amy decides to provide her with a nice, home-cooked meal.  After taking the Stouffer's frozen entrée out of the freezer, Amy fails to close the door.  She then bends over to get some milk out of the refrigerator, and when she stands back up she smashes the heck out of the top of her head on the open freezer door.  No one is around to witness this incident, and Amy is too embarrassed to tell anyone about it.  The next morning however, Amy wakes up, and upon opening her eyes she sees the room is spinning.  She has not been drinking the night before.  Should Amy:
1. Abide by the catchy rule, "WHEN IN DOUBT, SIT IT OUT!"
2. Get ready for work, regardless of this problem.  Amy knows that she has already missed several days of work due to fact that she was stricken by pretend malaria from reading her antibiotic pamphlet.  Additionally, this problem was compounded by the fact that her pretend malaria actually turned out to be real pneumonia and pleurisy.  She is afraid that if she misses any more work she will be fired. She does take the extra precaution of closing her eyes while driving to work though, so that the spinning won't interfere with her driving abilities.
If you answered 2, then you have successfully completed this tutorial!  Congratulations!


  1. Amy, let's see just drive to work. If you get pulled over just say that you've always driven like that and you want to blow up a balloon. Nah that won't work either, make the call.
    Great as always,
    Tom Dickinson