Friday, September 19, 2014

Amycita...Here withYour Weekend Forecast

Tomorrow mostly Saturday...with increasing darkness later in the day. Temperatures will remain chilly, so a jacket will serve you well in the morning...but in the evening, a bartender will serve you better.
Sunday after midnight...with hangovers expected in the morning.  The afternoon will be mostly football, with a chance of renewed drinking, possibly heavy at times, depending on the game's outcome.
For the latest on how much alcohol consumption to expect, click on your Facebook homepage.  We will be following your friends' statuses closely to look for any decreases in coherency of content, in addition to increases in spelling errors, as the day progresses. As always, you can count on us to keep you informed about the need for designated drivers as soon as any warnings or watches have been issued.

This has been Amycita...with your weekend forecast! 
**I am hoping that the Detroit Lions will redeem themselves this weekend,  resulting in the need for only mild to moderate inebriation in the Detroit area.   If you support the Green Bay Packers though, it would probably be best to watch your team's loss from the comfort of your own home. Travel advisories have been issued in light of the extremely heavy drinking expected in your area. ;)


  1. Your better than the weatherman!! xoxo
    Lyn Pollex

    1. well, at least i know i will be at least PARTLY accurate in my forecast, lyn....tomorrow is saturday and sunday will follow. :)